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Singapore Market Update: SGX signs MOI with IMDA

The Singapore Exchange (SGX) and Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) today marked a notice of goal (MOI) under the observer of Singapore’s minister for correspondences and data, Yaacob Ibrahim.

Singapore Exchange -

Through the MOI, both sides mean to bring down the get to hindrances for innovation organizations into the capital markets; catalyze all the more cutting edge introductory open offerings (IPOs), and increment Singapore’s appeal as a scene for capital raising, says SGX in a declaration on Wednesday.

This will be proficient by making a streamlined pathway for IMDA-authorize organizations to use private and open capital markets in Singapore all the more effectively for development.

In particular, SGX will collaborate with the Accreditation@IMDA (A@IMDA) – a program that clergymen and sustains a developing arrangement of tech organizations for high development – to recognize and stir enter parties in the money related environment to bolster the IMDA-authorize organizations in the IPO procedure, including encouraging pre-IPO subsidizing, prompting them on posting forms and setting them up for IPO posting.

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Thus, A@IMDA will work together with SGX, IPO supporters, law and review firms to help bring down the data obstructions and expenses for IMDA-certify organizations in the procedures prompting IPO posting.

“The aim is to better set up the authorized organizations for posting by inserting a portion of the means required to wind up IPO-prepared into A@IMDA’s current accreditation forms. IMDA-certify organizations will hence profit by more streamlined procedures when looking to raise capital,” clarifies the bourse.

Loh Boon Chye, CEO of SGX, trusts the coordinated effort will encourage a quicker gratefulness among Singapore innovation firms of Singapore’s capital markets as a wellspring of subsidizing and offer these organizations the capability of growing their business into the more extensive locale.

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“The organization amongst SGX and IMDA is a vital stride in developing the cooperation between the innovation and money related environments and empowers both gatherings to profit by this quick development. It additionally empowers promising ICM organizations to tap Singapore’s capital markets to scale up to the following period of their development,” includes IMDA CEO, Tan Kiat How.

A week ago, it was accounted for that SGX was said to close to an arrangement with the innovation controller which would extend the bourse’s “part approach” with four businesses, including innovation.

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Singapore Stock: Metro reports 29% fall in FY17 earnings to $81 mil

Metro Holdings, the property engineer and speculation aggregate supported by departmental store operations, recorded a 29% fall in FY17 profit to $81 million from $113.3 million a year prior.

Image result for metro share singapore

Metro saw a $33.1 million decrease in the offer of aftereffects of partners taking after lower acknowledgment of property deals identifying with Nanchang and Top Spring.

There was additionally a $45.9 million decline in the offer of joint endeavors’ outcomes as FY16 incorporated an irregular pick up from the transfer of EC Mall of $41.7 million.

Entire year income fell 15.1% to $131.2 million.

Metro’s property division pivoted to enlist a benefit of $20 million in FY2017 from lost $1.6 million in FY2016, chiefly because of outside trade picks up. Income fell by $2.0 million to $6.5 million.

Income from Metro’s retail division fell 14.6% to $124.7 million to a great extent because of the nonattendance of the income commitment from Metro Sengkang and Metro City Square with their terminations.

Combined with weights on edges, working and overhead costs, this influenced benefit, bringing about lost $2 million, contrasted with lost $2.4 million in FY16.

Be that as it may, together with more grounded execution from Metro’s Indonesian partner, benefit commitment from gathering’s retail division rose to $1.3 million.

Looking forward, Metro says given the frail market notion of Singapore’s private property division, offers of the gathering’s private venture – The Crest at Prince Charles Crescent – is relied upon to be lazy.

The retail division is likewise anticipated that would keep being assailed by difficulties including an aggressive exchanging condition, slower local economy, and high working expenses.

Metro has proclaimed the last profit of 2 pennies and exceptional profit of 3 pennies for each offer.

The stock shut at $1.17 on Monday.

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  • GSS Energy
  • Spackman
  • QT Vascular

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SGX Hot Stock: Chasen swings back into the black in FY17

Chasen Holdings swung back to productivity in FY17 with a profit of $2.5 million contrasted with lost $3.3 million a year prior.

singapore market news-

For the 4Q finished March, the migration expert additionally announced profit $1.2 million contrasted with a misfortune a year ago.

For the quarter and entire year, amass income of $32.3 million and $106.2 million individually were 14% or $12.7 million higher separately from similar periods a year back.

This was principal because of higher income from pro movement and outside coordinations business sections over the geographic locales of USA, Thailand, Malaysia and China.

For 4Q and FY17, the gathering’s gross benefit of $10.7 million and $26.9 million separately was higher than relating periods a year ago by $5.6 million and $9.8 million individually coupled with the ascent in income.

Change in 4Q and FY17 net revenue by 13% and 7% individually was basically contributed by authority movement fragment which pulls in preferable gross edges over specialized and building and outside coordinations business portions.

In its viewpoint, Chasen anticipates that the movement fragment will contribute decidedly to the gathering’s outcomes throughout the following twelve months, with the begin of a few migration extends in China, Malaysia, USA, and Vietnam.

The gathering additionally hopes to stay beneficial in FY18.

Offers of Chasen shut down at 10 pennies on Friday.

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  • Ley Choon
  • Allied Tech^
  • Moya Asia

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Stock to Watch of Singapore Stock market

Here are a few stocks to watch this Friday morning for Singapore Stock market:

A consortium driven by Oxley and Lian Beng has won the delicate for the aggregate buy of the property known as Rio Casa for $575 million. Situated at Hougang Avenue 7, the delicate was put together by Oxley-Lian Beng Venture. Oxley-Lian Beng Venture is 35% owned by Oxley, 35% claimed by KSH Development, 20% possessed by Lian Beng and 10% claimed by Apricot Capital. Offers of Oxley and Lian Beng shut down at 54 pennies and 60 pennies separately on Thursday.

Stock to Watch -

The Hour Glass Group, the retailer of authority extravagance watches, said FY17 profit fell 7% to $49.6 million from a year back. Income for the three months finished March plunged 2% to $696.1 million “in a standout amongst the most difficult conditions as of late”. Offers of Hour Glass shut down at 69 pennies, up 8.7% year to date.

Coordinated building arrangements supplier ISDN Holdings has gone into a vital participation structure concurrence with Comtec Solar Systems Group, a sunlight based vitality player recorded on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (HKSE). Offers of ISDN shut level at 22 pennies.

Stamford Land Corporation posted income of $8.9 million for the final quarter finished March, switching out of lost $5.0 million recorded in the relating quarter a year ago. Gather income dramatically increased to $166.0 million in 4Q17, from $60.5 million a year prior. Offers of Stamford Land shut a large portion of a penny bring down at 58 pennies on Thursday.

BBR Holdings reported that its 62%-claimed backup, Alika Properties, has practiced its choice to buy a four-story blended utilize improvement known as the Goh and Goh Building for a money thought of $101.5 million. Offers of BBR shut 2.3% higher at 22 pennies.

The trustee-chief of Accordia Golf Trust posted a dispersion for every unit (DPU) of 4.71 yen (6.04 pennies) for the entire year finished March, 14% lower than the DPU of 5.50 yen a year prior. Distributable pay tumbled to 5.2 billion yen, from 6.0 billion yen a year prior. Units of Accordia Golf Trust shut a large portion of a penny higher at 78 pennies on Thursday.

Global Stock market

Two top US value files scaled record tops on Thursday. The Dow Jones Industrial Average quit for the day focuses, or 0.34%, at 21,082.95. The S&P 500 shut everything down focuses, or 0.44%, at 2,415.07. The Nasdaq Composite wound up 42.23 focuses, or 0.69%, at 6,205.26.

Singapore Stock market

The Straits Times Index shut 0.1% or 3.13 focuses higher at 3,234.37. Gainers dwarfed failures 276 to 183, or three up for each one down. A sum of two billion offers worth $1.2 billion changed hands.

Hot Stock of Singapore Share market

  • DISA
  • Noble Group
  • Serrano
  • Jadason^

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SGX Hot Stock: Vallianz shares edge higher by 12% on news of settlement agreements

Shares of Vallianz Holdings which continued exchanging on Thursday morning rose 0.2 Singapore penny or almost 12 for every penny to 1.9 Singapore pennies as at 9.57 am.

Image result for Vallianz share

It was a standout amongst the most dynamic exchanges the early session with 11 million offers worth S$197,000 do.

The seaward bolster vessel supplier had required an exchanging end on Monday subsequent to discharging a powerless arrangement of results driven by a drop in the oil and gas segment, and pending a declaration.

On Wednesday evening, the marine firm said that it has inked isolate set-off and settlement concurrences with Swiber Holdings Limited and Rawabi Holding Company to rebuild up to US$139 million in net payables and shareholders’ advances.

This, it stated, denoted the finish of the organization’s dynamic talks with Swiber and Rawabi. Swiber, which is under legal administration, claims 20.9 for every penny of Vallianz while Rawabi, a key shareholder, and an accomplice, holds a 15.6 for each penny intrigue.

Hot Stock of Singapore Stock market

  • Addvalue Tech
  • Noble Group
  • Rowsley^
  • Genting Sing

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How to do Stock Market Research and Select Hot Stocks of the Day

I’ve been getting an increasing number of queries from readers on emails on how I research and select my stocks. I have to admit that it’s extremely difficult to organize your thoughts in that split second and reply to readers in a single email. It’s been so natural for me to think about it in real time because I have done it so many times myself unconsciously but to put words into perspectives can be a real challenge.

I’m going to try and do that in this article and hope I am able to articulate well on my thoughts. Once I do that, I’m going to pin the article up in one of my pages so I can refer to at any time and refine the process when it is necessary to do so. New readers can also refer to that if you want to know how I select stocks.
How to do Stock Market Research and Select Hot Stocks of the Day
The first and foremost disclosure that I have to make is that I am not the traditional value investor like Warren Buffet and Charlie Munger that many people adore and follow. Neither am I using the traditional value investing methodology that many people went to courses and get their learning from.

I have my own unique style that fits my profile and character.

To me, everyone in my eyes is a value investor by default. If you are winning, then technically you are getting some sort of value out there. So you are value investing. I’m really not too concerned about the term.

Okay, so let’s get started.

My first screening is usually through undergoing a series of news, articles or stories about the underlying nature of the company. This is just done leisurely through reading your favorite newspaper, talking to your supplier or networking through your peers who come from specific industry. It usually comes as a natural to me and I get lots of variation inputs and understanding about the company itself. No hassle and hustling about this first step.

Once I get interested in a particular industry or company because of its competitive edge or moats, this is where I get my hands dirty by going through their last 4 quarterly financial statements and also at least reading their last 3 annual reports. I chose the last 4 quarterly statements because it is important to see the seasonality of the business and if there is a one-off to take note. If I’m still interested in going on at this point, I would then take an hour or two and compile the company’s last financial metrics for the last 10 years, preferably covering a year or two before the big crash in 2008 when most company’s earnings are showing a trough. This is where you get the idea of how the company is performing during a crisis mode. It is very important in this step. You can refer to what I did for my Kingsmen example for instance.
The second part of the research would focus on the peer comparison.

Generally, I tried to pick as many as I would like to but it is often difficult to find similar peers in the same industry in a small market like Singapore. Hence, the closest I can find is to go regional with countries such as Hong kong, Thailand or Indonesia as the next destination.

From here, this is where I tried comparing some important operating and financial metrics like the gross profit margins, enterprise value to EBITDA or EBIT, free cash flow yield, cash turnover ratio, working capital efficiency, return on equity (roe), etc etc. If I’m still excited and awake at this point, I tried to dig deeper by going into the Dupont analysis of the ROC, one of my personal favorite metrics to look out for. For those who are not familiar with the DuPont ROIC, you can refer to my fellow blogger, LP who consistently bully the bear out of the blue with teaching materials articles like this.

If you have access to Capital IQ or paid access elsewhere like Morning Star premium, you can easily get all the metrics at one simple click to go. If not, you’d have to dig deeper on finding these metrics. They are all nothing but a function of a mathematical formula which you can get those numbers from the financial statements if you know what you are doing.

I’ve been wanting to incorporate a higher level of thinking at this point by finding out the company’s business divisions or segments return on invested capital (ROIC) for each acquisition or investment that they’ve made but I’ve been very lazy to do this since I became a father. This step is not as evident as much of the steps I’ve written above and you’d have to really browse through the devils to get the details. But I believe this is where you separate the great from the good.

The third part of the research would focus on the historical comparison on valuation.

After compiling the past 10 year data on step 1, this is where you start looking at the trough and peak valuation to see the trend. For instance, if I’m looking at Micro-Mechanics (vested) trough and peak valuation, you’d find that they tend to trade in the range of 4x to 13x earnings multiple. It is not as simple as saying that 4x multiple is cheap and 13x multiple is expensive. The question to ask is what warrants them to trade at 13x earnings at this point. Does that mean growth in future can substantiate and justify this sort of current valuations? Or the market has priced in too much optimism at this point in time expecting future growth to materialize?

Since I have all the data available from step 1, I can easily plug the numbers to simulate certain growth and multiple scenarios into the financial model and see where it takes me from there. You can find how I did it here for example.

The fourth step of the research would focus on getting a step ahead of the analyst.

As most people know, analyst tends to cover companies in their research report after companies have reported their earnings or when there are catalysts that they are expecting to materialize.

The key is to get a step ahead of what the analyst thinks and will write on their report which will impact the share price once it has gone public. You may not believe it but if you generally buy only after the analyst has covered in their report, most of the meat would have probably been gone. It does not mean necessarily you will lose money, but everyone is already on the boat so you will have less margin of safety or meats to play for.

I would also usually think about what kind of valuation that is appropriate for the companies. For instance, banks are usually valued based on their Price to Book value while developers are usually valued based on their RNAV. Developers typically have a low return on assets since the turnover is much slower hence the rnav of the companies tend to increase much slower. The rnav of the companies usually tend to increase the fastest through evaluation of the properties, which is a non-cash item but since everyone is valuing it via the rnav, it must be important to take note. Similarly for banks who are valued based on the Price to Book value, having a double digit Return on Equity (ROE) means that you are indirectly holding onto a company which gives you double digit percentage”growth” from a valuation perspective.
The fifth step of the research would focus on the market depth of the company.

This is a newly found damn good information for me which I love it very much since there is a free trial across most brokerage until the 30th Jun.

By this point, I would have known very well the fundamentals of the company that I wanted to be getting and the range of valuations that I would be aiming for. Having the market depth information of the buy and sell gives me that extra edge because I am able to enter at the lowest range I am comfortable to be buying and I am also able to sell at the highest range I am comfortable to be selling.

I have done this successfully in recent months with Sabana, Far East Hospitality Trust (FEHT), Comfortdelgro, Singtel, M1 and Fraser Commercial Trust (FCOT). I’ve either bought at the lowest of the range or sell at the highest of the range I am comfortable at.

To illustrate, I recently thought of accumulating more FCOT into my portfolio and found the current range valuation to be decent. When I checked the market depth information, it has a 1.7m buy queue at a share price of $1.33 (you can verify this yourself tomorrow). It is an extremely strong support line with very few volume transacted at that price. So, I went ahead and proceeded to buy at a single bid higher which is at $1.335 and got it. So if I want to buy, I won’t queue at 1.34 or 1.325 for instance.

Every little bit of cents matters if you are buying in big bulks especially.

Again, if you want to read more about the guide to market depth.
Final Thoughts
This is really what I have to share about what I generally did my Stock Market research and how I select my stocks.
Okay,  if you are going for a course out there,  you probably get a similar nature of what I have covered here.  It’s just more structured and they have designed templates for your easy learning.  But otherwise,  it’s effort and effort.

This method which I have used has worked miraculously well for me for the past 6 years, returning me an average of about 20% per annum from 2011 till to date.

I know it sounds a lot easier in theory than it is in practice but it is only through many refining of the process that I am able to do this consistently on my own. You definitely need to put in a lot of practice and it is only after many trials and errors you’d be able to know where you are weak at. We have not even talked about the psychological impact of investing.

I am also 101% sure that there are better practices than what I am doing here so it is really never about comparing which method is the best but which method fits an individual investor the best.

I hope this helps most that email me about my thinking process.
If you are interested to read more about my thoughts, you can refer to my two previous thoughts which I have archived below for your easy reference.

After writing this blog and to do a research work. we have put effectiveness and an effort as a sight of investing to let you choose passive ones with little or no difficulty.

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Singapore Hot Stock Singtel Q4 profit up 1.8%

SINGAPORE Telecommunications’ net benefit expanded by 1.8 for each penny to S$963.3 million in its fourth financial quarter as a shortcoming in India dragged down better exhibitions in other key markets.

On a for each offer premise, the telco’s benefit for the three months finished March 31 slipped to 5.9 Singapore pennies from a year-prior 5.94 Singapore pennies. Entire year net benefit slipped 0.5 for each penny to S$3.85 billion, or 23.96 Singapore pennies for every offer, from S$3.87 billion, or 24.29 Singapore pennies for every offer.

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Singtel is keeping up the last profit payout of 10.7 Singapore pennies for every offer. Counting an interval profit of 6.8 Singapore pennies that has as of now been paid out, aggregate profits for the year will be 17.5 Singapore pennies for every offer, in accordance with the year-prior payout.

Singtel shares shot at S$3.75 on Wednesday before the outcomes were declared.

Working income expanded by 5.2 for each penny to S$4.3 billion amid the quarter, in spite of the fact that in steady cash terms the expansion was a more humble 2 for each penny.

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Singtel’s India business, Airtel, was an underperformer amid the quarter as another participant in the market expanded estimating weights. The Hidden net benefit in steady cash terms was down 1.4 for every penny including Airtel, however up 4.8 for each penny barring Airtel.

Purchaser organizations in Singapore and Australia, nonetheless, performed better, while Telkomsel in Indonesia additionally posted higher commitments.

Looking forward, Singtel expects its center gathering purchaser and endeavor organizations to report low single-digit development in income and profit before intrigue, expense, deterioration, and amortization (Ebitda) in the year finishing March 2018. Low single-digit development is likewise expected in Australia versatile administration income and Singapore portable correspondences income. Mid-single digit change is normal for oversaw administrations and business arrangements income.

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Negative Ebitda for gathering advanced life is relied upon to psychologist to about S$100 million.

Hot Stock of Singapore Stock market

  • Noble
  • Moya Asia

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