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6 Stock Trading Signals To be Followed Being a Trend Trader & Swing Trader

Trading in financial market is a complex as it requires strategies while investing. The most trading strategies are divided into two categories i.e. ‘Trend Following & ‘Swing Trading’. Both the strategies have its pros & cons.

A trader who follows ‘Trend Following’ has risk factors in an uptrend or downtrend & remains stable until the trend takes place. Whereas, the swing trader buy at support & sells at resistance within the limit of range bound markets.

Swing trading is effective for short span of time while Trend Following strategy can be implemented for months. Traders & beginners must apply one of these strategies to gain excellent results.

Trend Trader Versus Swing Trader

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‘Trend following’ traders analyze the economical, political and environmental aspects that influence the risk factors in well mannered. Whereas, ‘Swing traders’ avoid this & focus on short term pricing.

Trade Frequency:

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Swing traders performs increased number of positions & carry it for short time which is a profitable Stock signal to trade while the trend followers use to apply fewer positions & carry for longer time.

Position Selection

Trend traders use to short sell their securities with up trends and downtrends while swing traders use to short sell securities at support or resistance level.

Position Size:

Swing traders carry longer positions for short time while trend traders carry smaller positions for long time period. Also, the swing traders have more leverage than trend traders which is a profitable for substantial gain.

Entry Strategy:

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Entry strategy works as a best Stock trading picks as this strategy helps to lower down the risk by staying for the counter trend.

Swing traders bear risk factor at support & resistance level, thereby minimize the obstacle by positioning in opposite direction.

Exit Strategy:

Swing traders exit their positions after reaching to the ‘Profit targets’ whereas Trend traders carry their positions until the trend changes.

Both the traders apply market timing strategies through various skills. From the experienced trader’s perspective, it is possible to mix up these strategies but beginners should stick to the particular strategy.

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While Trading In Forex Market Keep In Mind These 4 Forex Signals

Placing orders appropriately in forex market is really an important factor which you must know. Similar to stock market, forex trading also involves various types of orders which are implemented to control trade effectively.

It should be noted that, inappropriate use of order can negatively affect entry & exit points while trading. In addition, placing an order should be implemented as per your entry & exit strategy in the FX market. The blog uncovers the types of trading orders in forex market to assist you for accurate entry & exit.

Market Order

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Market order is the most regular type of forex order. This order is implemented when executing an order during the current price. If you’re buying currency, market order will perform trading at the current ask price and during the selling of currency, the market order will perform at the bid price. To implement the order in an appropriate way, it’s helpful to Forex trading tips to get proper entry/ exit.

Entry Order

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Entry order is executed once the currency pair outreaches a particular target price. Entry order acts as a best Forex signal provider at the time of buying a currency pair at a particular price & unable to reach the target price.

Stop Order     

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It’s an order that is used to limit the losses, once your specified currency price reaches to profit level. Stop order helps to enter in a new position as well as to exit automatically.

If executing a stop order to enter into a position, it is termed as ‘Buy stop order’ & provides Forex signals for buying a currency pair as per the market price.

Similarly, implementing a stop order for exiting a trade, it is termed as ‘Sell-stop order’ and provides signals to sell out the currency pair as per the market price.

Limit Order:

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A limit order is a kind of instruction for buying & selling a currency at a specific price limit. A limit order (buy) is a signal for buying the currency pair as per the market price or when the market reaches your specified price.

A limit order (Sell) is a signal to sell out the currency at the market price when the market reach your specified price or get high.

When it comes to place the trade, you must know where to take profits from. A limit order is a profitable order which allows you to exit the market as per your objective. The limit sell order is positioned above the current price whereas the stop-loss order is positioned below the market price.

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4 SGX Stock Market Strategies To Pick Good Penny Stocks

When it comes to trade with penny stocks, you need to think on impact full strategies to execute as penny stocks are usually speculative & involve high risk factors due to liquidity & small capitalization. Therefore, investments in penny stocks need capital investment strategy. As investment is risky in penny stocks, here are some investment strategies shared for how to pick good stock while trading in Singapore stock market.

Analyze the Stocks?

Penny stocks

Being investors in penny stocks, you shouldn’t consider the source of internet forums. Instead of this, to analyze whether there is sufficient amount of stock in the investing community, it’s recommended for investors to analyze the demand of stocks. And, this can be regulated by average daily volume of the stock which will function as good Stock trading picks for you. Preferably, the least volume of stocks should be more than 100,000 units each day.

Fundamental of Penny Stock:

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Fundamentals research is one of the important things to follow. The fundamental criteria which must e followed includes EPS (Earnings per share) or Discount to Net asset value (NAV) which means that stock is at lower price than its total accounting value.

EPS is a profitable & one of the easiest ways to measure stocks, if company is profitable. But, if the company is trading at the same time at a discount to NAV then it may happen that market hasn’t valued properly.

Also, when investing in penny stocks; avoid all dividends as these are not reliable & have worst selling point.

Pricing Trends:

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If stock pricing getting lower down then it’s better to quit the trading. Also, it’s recommended to go for the stocks which are trading in an increasing manner but also not remains all time high. Getting Stock Picks will be a profitable option to get some idea about pricing trends.

Check out the News:

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Checking out the news is one of the best factors to provide Stock signals. Knowing the sectors offering growth potential or to know where the country’s economical stands are the beneficial factors to look for. The articles from these kinds of sources highlighting the penny stocks will help you to be confident for investing in stocks.

Investment in penny stocks will be profitable if invested by understanding the financial knowledge. However, following the above mentions strategies will be beneficial to invest in penny stocks.

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Top 6 Forex Trading Rules To Execute Forex Market

As, it is understood that forex trading is all about buying & selling of currencies; in order to gain substantial gain. FX market is one of the fastest trading markets when compared to other financial market as well as easy to understand. Through the advanced computing technology sources, it becomes easier for average traders & investors to trade in currency market.

In addition, forex trading requires in-depth practice, detailed analyzation & patience with consistent efforts to be successful in forex market. Therefore, in order to trade perfectly here are some accurate trading directions shared to implement in the FX market.


Investing in Forex market without having accurate Forex signal will lack you into risk factors & may be into severe loss. Therefore, it’s necessary to trade with perfect balance with reliable Forex Trading Signals.


As beginners in FX market, it is recommended to analyze the trading statistics with in-depth research. Also, getting assistance through a trustworthy Forex signals provider will assure you of getting successful trading with substantial gain.


While trading, there is no need to indulge in any complicated Forex system or to believe on rumors. You can follow automated Forex trading system to get accurate results.


Getting ‘News Signal’ is a major phenomenon to get profitable Forex signals. Therefore, it’s recommended to adapt an accurate Forex Signals to obtain profit potential. These signals provide analysis on weekly basis.


Technical signals provide the best Forex tips as per the present market trend. Also, the technical signals often impart risk management tactics to be on safer side.

Trading Rule #1

General trading signals alerts you by providing fundamental analysis about currency trading market which is helpful for beginners as well as for experienced traders too, to get the basic idea while investment.

Getting success in FX market depends on your investment plan & strategy. While investing in Forex market, it’s mandatory to give your time in studying & analyzing the market condition. Subscription to trustworthy Forex signal provider is the efficient source to get the profitable Forex alerts; thereby you can have successful trading.

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Forex Market Top 4 Trading Indicators

When it comes to investment in forex market, the market comprised of various methods to trade. However, to simply your trading strategy the four indicators are effective which are termed as Moving Average, RSI, Stochastic, & MACD indicator. These technical indicators are beneficial to know the range bounds and entry & exit. Once you get familiar with these indicators, it’s profitable to implement strategic plan for investment in forex market. Let see the how technical indicators works in FX market.

Moving Average:

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Moving average help traders to find trading benefits about overall forex market trend. During the trending period of market, moving average helps to identify accurate buying & selling of currency which work as a best Currency tips for traders. Moving average in fact, compute the average price of currency pair for particular time being specific period of time.

Trade with RSI:

Currency trading tips

RSI is termed as Relative Strength Index which works as an oscillator for determining whether the currency is overbought or oversold. The RSI is beneficial to find better entry & exit prices. Traders who want to buy at low and sell at high, the RSI might be a correct indicator to follow & will work as a profitable Forex signals.

Trade With Stochastic:

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Stochastic indicator is also a kind of oscillator similar to RSI that helps to find overbought or oversold currencies. Stochastic indicator indicates two lines i.e. “%K & %D” line which works as Currency trading tips to show proper entry.

Trade with the Moving Average Convergence & Divergence:

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MACD indicator works well in trending & ranging markets because moving averages imparts changes in momentum through visual display. MACD is comprised of identified trend or range-bound market. After identifying the trend, it’s good to take crossovers of MACD line as per the trend.

When investing in FX market, applying trading indicators will simply your currency trading strategies in a way that how to buy & sell currencies profitably.

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Check These 4 Stock Trading Picks for KLSE Stock Market Investment

The KLSE share market is a trading platform for investors and traders to trade with company’s shares. In Malaysia, the main share exchange market is “Bursa Malaysia”. The Bursa Malaysia previously known as (Kuala Lumpur stock exchange) is a major share market index which monitors the performance of 30 largest organizations via complete market capitalization which is listed on the main board of the Bursa Malaysia.

Here some KLSE Stock picks are shared to when invest in Bursa Malaysia stock market.

1- Know Your Position in Market:

klse stock market picks

Have a list of your assets before investing in KLSE market. In addition, do analyze your financial investment limits & expenditures; thereby formulating a budget plan for yourself. By knowing position in this way, you can get a better idea about how to invest your assets in a better way to get substantial gain anyhow.

2- Apply Correct Investment Methodology:

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However, there is no magic rule to get rich instantly in KLSE stock market. Therefore, it’s recommended to apply those correct investments that includes long term track record with long term growth. For this, you need to have effective Stock trading picks so that the investment methodology will provide good returns.

3- Analyze Your Insurance Policies:

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Before investing, just make sure that your property values are legal and up to the mark. Be assure that you have life insurance policies with you to be on safer side and save your hardly earned capital.

4- Stick to the Budget:

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When investing in KLSE stock market, having the budget plan is utmost crucial thing to apply. If you are not having a budget, it’s recommended to prepare it. Thereby, you can start earn returns in an increased manner accordingly.

Stock trading signals will keep you updated bursa Malaysia stock market and help you to achieve your financial goals. Thereby, you can have the proper insight about the trading successfully.

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Before Investing In KLSE Stock Market Follow These 4 Fundamental Analyses

When it comes to invest in KLSE stock market, incorporating the fundamental analysis is one of the important methodologies. While investment in stock market, fundamental analysis is a base for investing with different strength & weakness. In fact, if you are investing in financial market without performing fundamental analysis; it’s worthless.

The fundamental analysis involves the assets, revenues, liabilities & other financial terms of company. The analysis is all about gaining insights of company’s performance. In addition, here is some fundamental analysis strategies shared to follow:

Earnings per Share:

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EPS is generally used as a performance indicator of the company for long period of time. In fact, there are several ways for calculating the EPS of particular company depending on investor’s objective. To predict the future stock price, fundamental analysis works as an effective stock investment picksto analyze the company’s value, thereby calculating EPS of company.

Book Value per Share:

Stock investment tips, stock investment picks

Book value is implemented to measure the net worth of company. The net worth of the company is termed as liquidation value of company. The book value per share analyzes the present market value of company’s assets.

Net Return on Equity:

Equity Signals Malaysia

ROE is implemented to measure the company’s generated return, invested by shareholders. The generated return is a percentage of shareholders return on equity. It’s recommended to have KLSE stock picks before investing in the market. The ROE is expressed in percentage & calculated by:


Return on Assets:

ROA is a kind of indicator that indicates that how the company is profitable to asset management. ROE provides idea about how well the company’s management is, to generate the profit potential. The return on Assets is calculated as:

Net Income/Total Assets


In order to analyze the company’s net worth, fundamental analysis plays an important role to get a clear picture about company’s related asset. In addition, it is worth to analyze the earnings by comparing it against company’s previous ROA numbers.

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